Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I have an accident or the van is stolen, what am I liable for?
Our insurance has an excess of £750, which we pass on to you in the event of accident or theft. The excess can be reduced to £100 on payment of a small charge (from £5 per day).

Q. Can I leave my car on your premises?
Yes you can leave your car on the premises but it is at your own risk.

Q. Can I drop my vehicle off with you after you close?
Yes, we have a key box where you can deposit the keys after you park up the vehicle.

Q. What happens if I breakdown?
Most of our vehicles are still covered by the manufactures breakdown service (AA or RAC). If they are over 1 year old, they are covered by our own policy with RAC – Call 0330 1590601 and quote your registration number. They will either repair the vehicle or take you to where you were going.

Q. Can I take my vehicle abroad?
No sorry – In fact our vehicles have tracker systems installed and once a vehicle leaves a ferry port, the engine will be disabled.